About the Journal

NEMZET ÉS BIZTONSÁG – BIZTONSÁGPOLITIKAI SZEMLE. A NEMZETI KÖZSZOLGÁLATI EGYETEM LEKTORÁLT BIZTONSÁGPOLITIKAI FOLYÓIRATA Nemzet és Biztonság Biztonságpolitikai Szemle The peer-review academic journal Nemzet és Biztonság – Biztonságpolitikai Szemle (Nation and Security – Security Policy Review) has been founded in 2008 as a joint publication of the Hungarian Ministry of Defense and Zrínyi Miklós National Defense University and has been published by the National University of Public Service since 2012. Throughout these years editorial duties have continuously been fulfilled by researchers of the Center for Strategic and Defense Studies. The journal has underwent a minor transformation in 2012 and appears with a new look but has consistently kept its content, focusing on current issues of security and defense policy. Currently 6 issues are published a year in Hungarian, complemented by 2 additional issues in English. Contributors include leading foreign and security policy experts, analysts and practitioners, as well as outstanding PhD students with original research results. Nemzet és Biztonság is made up of 3 permanent columns: Security Policy, Defense Policy, and Outlook to the World, while in every issue a major article is dedicated to the Topic of the Month having outstanding topicality. The journal is also available online at www.nemzetesbiztonsag.hu and the publication of new issues can be followed via Facebook at https://hu-hu.facebook.com/nemzetes.biztonsag. Impressum Nemzet és Biztonság – Nation and Security Security Policy Review The peer-review security policy journal of the National University of Public Service Published by: NUPS Services Ltd. Responsible for publishing: József Hegyesi, Director, NUPS Services Ltd. Nemzet és Biztonság (Nation and Security) is also published in Hungarian, six issue per year Editorial Board: Ferenc Gazdag, Norbert Kis, László Kovács, Erzsébet N. Rózsa, János Sallai, Péter Siklósi (Chairman), Zoltán Szenes Editor-in-Chief: Péter Tálas Editor: Tamás Csiki English translator: Dénes Albert Technical editor: Katalin Balogh Editorial Office: 9-11. Hungária körút, 1101 Budapest, Hungary Telephone: +36 1 432 9092 E-mail: nemzetesbiztonsag@uni-nke.hu Website: http://nemzetesbiztonsag.hu Printed by: NUPS Services Ldt. HU ISSN 1789-5286