Editor's Greeting

I am pleased to present to the dear reader the Academic and Applied Research in Military and Public Management Science - AARMS -, originally called Academic and Applied Research in Military Science (AARMS), which is a peer-reviewed international scientific journals of the National University of Public Service, launched by the predecessor institution in November 2002.

As the name of the journal shows, its goal is to publish research results, peer-reviewed studies of high standard in English in the field of military science and military technology. Recent changes in the structure of the university have called for the renewal of the publication, allowing for publishing scientific results in other disciplines such as public administration as well as law enforcement.

Thus, AARMS is a forum, which in line with the ideas formulated when the university was founded, provides a platform for experts, lecturers, researchers to present their scientific findings.

Our publication provides an opportunity for the representatives of both the university and the academic world in the complexity of the disciplines arising from the structure of the university to publish, acquaint and get acquainted with the findings. All this is reflected in the composition of the Editorial Board, in which we were eager to involve the national and international representatives of the academic world, thus serving as a proof of quality. We create our publications equipped with unwavering determination, an international team of authors as well as 15 years of experience and achievements and we hope you will find them worthy of your continued interest.

Gen. József Padányi, DSc, professor
managing editor